Pain Free Acupuncture

Conditions we treat


joint pains: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, ankle pain caused by trauma, car accident, or arthritis

Headache, TMJ/Jaw pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger, Herpes Zoster (shingles), Plantar fasciitis, Restless leg syndrome, Fibromyalgia


Difficult to fall asleep, Difficult to stay asleep, Wakes up at very early morning and difficult to fall asleep, Dream disturbed sleep

Emotional problems

Stress, Depression, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder),Unstable emotion, Anxiety


Stroke, Dysphagia, Multiple sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, Traumatic brain injury, Monoplegia, Bell’s palsy, Motor neuron diseases


Sense Organ disorders

Meniere’s syndrome, Tinnitus, Hearing loss, Vision loss, Diplopia, Eye floaters, Aphasia

Neuropsychological disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorder, Post-concussion syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Chorea, Alzheimer’s disease, Essential tremor

Internal medicine

Constipation, IBS, Digestive problems

Female and Male disorders

Irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, UTI, uterine bleeding, infertility