Pain Free Acupuncture

Tension Headache

Tension headache, the most common type of headache, is a nonspecific headache and not related to organic disease. 

Causes: The underlying cause is likely due to chemical and neuronal imbalances in the brain and can be related to muscle tightening in the back of the neck and/or scalp. 

Symptoms: Continuous dull pain, Mild to moderate intensity, Pressing or tightening feeling, Most occur on both sides of the head, or temples, forehead or back of head, even the whole head. Some patients describe a band-like sensation around the neck and/or head. 

Insomnia, stress, anger, or depression can make the tension headache worse.

Diagnosis and Treatments: most patients suffer from the tension headache due to the muscle tightening in the back of neck or scalp which presses the nerves and causes the pain. In our clinic, after the detailed diagnosis to differentiate which nerve is pressed, we use the Acupuncture, Electro-stimulated Acupuncture or Gua Sha to release the tightening of muscles and get rid of headache.

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